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Top Hemp Growing Expert Reveals Insider Secrets To Grow Profitable Hemp Plants(Without Failing!)


  • Hemp Starts Here 101 will help you develop a growing plan that you execute with confidence.
  • Hemp Starts Here 101 will ask you the tough questions, so you can solve problems before they ever arise.
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Hemp Starts Here 101 is Years of Knowledge & Experience that You Can Get in Less Than 2 Hours

Packed with Information Like…

  • Planting Date and Understanding Photoperiod (Chapter 5)
  • Germination & Transplant Guide (Chapter 9 & 11)
  • Scouting & Pest Prevention (Chapter 13)
  • Going “Hot,” State Inspection, Staying Compliant (Chapter 16)
  • Male (Hermaphrodites) vs. Female Plants (Chapter 18)