Healthiest Hemp Plants Begin with Premium Genetics From Parent Plants

We believe in growing the best hemp plants, period. This starts with clean and vigorous parent material, known as Clean Hemp Stock. Our stock plants undergo a rigorous protocol of virus indexing and pathogen testing, ensuring that the plants you receive are clean and ready to perform to their fullest potential in your field.

Why is this important? When you start with an unhealthy, sick plant, there is no way to fix or cure that plant in your field. Plant diseases, such as virus or latent fungal and bacterial populations, can manifest in flower development and significantly reduce overall plant yield.

As with any crop grown on a large scale, we are beginning to see the spread of viruses and disease across hemp fields in the United States. Usually, this begins with poor stock management, unsterile propagation technique, or subpar growing methods that lead to disease outbreak. For example, if one mother plant in a population of thousands of mother plants has a virus and is cut for clones, the virus could spread due to poor sanitation between mother plant cuttings, thus spreading the virus to large swaths of hemp clones. The same is true with using virally infected parent plants for seed production—virus can spread to seed.

At Alterra, we believe in success starting from the foundation of your field. Our priority is to set you up for success, beginning with the highest quality, clean plants on the market.

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