CBD Hemp Clones

Every Order of CBD hemp clones is bundled with the Expert Grower’s Toolkit.

To achieve maximum success growing your CBD hemp clones, you need everything included in this toolkit:


  • This transparent industry pricing holds the secret to know how much your crop is worth.
  • Build your business around real industry numbers.
  • No more guessing at what your flower, biomass, crude, distillate, or isolate is worth to buyers..

  • This 10% discount on potency, terpene, heavy metal, pesticide, and all other testing makes it a snap to accurately test your hemp plants with an ISO Accredited lab.
  • Easily monitor your plants before your state compliance test .
  • Know how much your crop is worth at harvest to command the highest price

  • Step-by-step instructions give you the keys to get your questions answered.
  • Rest easy knowing you are correctly germinating and transplanting your seeds.
  • Ensure your success and increase return on your precious investment.

  • This checklist is the shortcut to ensure you are prepared.
  • Build your business around actionable tasks that lead you to success.
  • Pre-season, mid-season, and post-season checklist puts you one step ahead other growers.

Total Value: $419

But with your order, you’re getting all of this…


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