CBG Hemp Seeds & Clones

Every Order of 500 seeds/clones or more is bundled
with the Expert Grower’s Toolkit, which includes:

  • This transparent industry pricing holds the secret to know how much your crop is worth.
  • Build your business around real industry numbers.
  • No more guessing at what your flower, biomass, crude, distillate, or isolate is worth to buyers..

  • This 10% discount on potency, terpene, heavy metal, pesticide, and all other testing makes it a snap to accurately test your hemp plants with an ISO Accredited lab.
  • Easily monitor your plants before your state compliance test .
  • Know how much your crop is worth at harvest to command the highest price

  • Step-by-step instructions give you the keys to get your questions answered.
  • Rest easy knowing you are correctly germinating and transplanting your seeds.
  • Ensure your success and increase return on your precious investment.

  • This checklist is the shortcut to ensure you are prepared.
  • Build your business around actionable tasks that lead you to success.
  • Pre-season, mid-season, and post-season checklist puts you one step ahead other growers.

Total Value: $419

But with your order, you’re getting all of this…


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