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We’re clearing out our remaining inventory for the season. This means big savings for you on select combos of our best-selling varieties.

Normally $1.99 per seed, now just 59¢ per seed!

Each combo includes 100 seeds of each variety (200 seeds total).

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Early Wu CBD Hemp Seeds

Early Wu is one of the most consistent early seed genetics available.  Early Wu is a new and improved version of the classic “Wu 5” cultivar that has been a grower favorite in the hemp industry. This variety is solidly-built with tight internode spacing and produces exquisite, frosty flowers. Wu 5’s whopping flower production combined with an earlier finishing time and improved plant vigor will ensure you produce winning plants.

Early Spectrum CBD Hemp Seeds

Early Spectrum has been grown extensively across the US and has quickly become a grower favorite. This variety is incredibly consistent and has prolific lateral branching, making it an abundant flower producer. Early Spectrum is known to be a powerful CBD producer and often outpaces other varieties as its CBD levels surge, giving you epic CBD levels and plant yield.


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