Auto Tsunami™ Hemp Seeds


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Auto Tsunami Autoflower Hemp Seeds

Description: This day neutral variety brings new opportunity and crop cycles to warm climates. Small but mighty, Auto Tsunami has bountiful terpene production, is cannabinoid rich, and was selected for packing on flower for maximum yield. Plants mature in 75-90 days and on average are 2.5’ tall and 2’ wide.

  • CBD Ratio: 24:1 to 32:1
  • CBD Content: 6-12%
  • Terpenes: Heavy pine with undertones of citrus and hops
  • Planting Density: 15,000-18,000 plants per acre
  • Field Structure: 2’ x 2.5’ (width x height)
  • Flowering time: non-photoperiod dependant; harvest 75-90 days after germination
  • Feminization: 99.98% (about 1:4000)



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