AutoCBD Alpha Nebula Hemp Seeds


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Available in increments of 17,000 seeds.

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AutoCBD Alpha Nebula Autoflower Hemp Seeds

Best for: Growing across the US, biomass production

A brand new release for 2021, Alpha Nebula is redefining the biomass production market. This plant shines in producing highly potent, consistent biomass that is best suited for mechanical planting and harvesting. Biomass typically tests at 9% CBD while top colas test up to 14% CBD. Alpha Nebula produces just under a half pound of material per plant. Bred for consistency and reliability, Alpha Nebula is best grown for hemp biomass production. 

  • CBD Ratio: 26:1 to 30:1
  • CBD Content: 7.5–14% 
  • Feminization: 99.00%
  • Planting Density: 15,000–24,000 plants per acre
  • Field Structure: 2’ x 3’ (width x height)
  • Harvest: 75 days on average
  • Dry untrimmed flower biomass: 7.0 oz per plant average


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