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Early Nueve CBD Hemp Seeds: The Fruity One

Best for: Growing across the US, boutique flower

Do not grow: At extremely low latitudes (less than 30 °N)

Early Nueve is a show-stoppin cultivar because of something we all love… terps! This variety shines in the terpene department and is one of the most pungent and fragrant varieties available. Early Nueve has longer internode spacing, which packs out into expansive flowers that cover the entire branch… Some plants have produced branches with 16” of flower! The flower initiation of Early Nueve can slightly vary among phenotypes, which requires a trained grower’s eye and hand harvesting to achieve optimal yields and aroma profiles of these plants. Early Nueve is a true craft-cannabis cultivar with a divine terpene profile and prolific flower production, making it an ideal candidate for boutique flower production. 

  • CBD ratio: 25:1 or better
  • CBD Content: 7.5–18%
  • Terpenes: Ripe juicy grapes and sweet tender melon
  • Field Structure: 5’ x 6’ (width x height)
  • Planting Density: 2,000–4,800 plants per acre
  • Harvest Window: Mid-September to early October
  • Feminization: 1:4000

*This is a protected variety. Breeding or propagating this variety is not permitted.


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