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Early Spectrum CBD Hemp Seeds: The CBD Superstar

Best for: Warmer climates (first hard freeze after mid-October), boutique flower

Do not grow: If first hard freeze is in September or early October

Early Spectrum has been grown extensively across the US and has quickly become a grower favorite. This variety is incredibly consistent and has prolific lateral branching, making it an abundant flower producer. Early Spectrum is known to be a powerful CBD producer and often outpaces other varieties as its CBD levels surge, giving you epic CBD levels and plant yield. Expect massive, resinuous colas that are ideal for boutique flower or dual cropping (boutique flower and biomass production).

  • CBD ratio: 25:1 or better
  • CBD Content: 7.5–20%
  • Terpenes: Sugar, crisp oranges, fresh flowers
  • Field Structure: 4’ x 6’ (width x height)
  • Planting Density:  2,000–4,800 plants per acre
  • Harvest Window: Early October to mid-October
  • Feminization: 1:4000*This is a protected variety. Breeding or propagating this variety is not permitted.


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