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Luck CBD Hemp Clones

Luck is something you don’t need when you grow Luck! This superstar, total THC compliant plant can be grown to full, finished flower and remain TOTAL THC compliant. Exhibiting a vigorous upright branching growth characteristic, Luck can yield between 1.5–2 pounds per plant (with best management practices). This variety allows growers to rest easy knowing that their crop will be total THC compliant no matter when they harvest. This variety has also shown resistance to moths/caterpillars. Should not be grow if first hard freeze is in September or October.

  • CBD ratio: 30:1 or better
  • CBD Content: 9%
  • Terpenes: Earthy with hints of pine
  • Field Structure: 4’x5’ (width x height)
  • Planting Density: 2,000–4,800 plants per acre
  • Harvest Window: End of October to mid-November

*This is a protected variety. Breeding or propagating this variety is not permitted.


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