Hemp Rooting For Successful High CBD and Biomass Production | Alterra

Growing great plants means starting with healthy roots. By working with some of the most advanced propagation technology and partners in the industry, Alterra ensures your plants are not only genetically coded to produce vigorous, high-yielding hemp plants, but that your plants are optimized and ready for transplant upon delivery.

Plants are rooted in a high quality propagation mix in either Ellepots or Growcoons, depending on your geographic region. Both of these plugs were developed in the Netherlands and are the elite standard in horticulture and transplant technology. With Ellepots and Growcoons, you can expect the following:


  • Air pruned, rooted transplants
  • Healthy root ball formation
  • Improved plant uniformity
  • Minimized transplant shock
  • Faster transplant time (compared to loose fill trays)
  • Biodegradable solution for your field


Plants are germinated or propagated in a 72 plant cell tray. If you are interested in other sizes, please contact us today to discuss a custom order.